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Standard surveys won’t cut it anymore. Here’s why:

Technology is changing how information is transferred and how fast people are forming opinions.


Quickly responding to these opinions is critical to the success of your organization.

You need the right tools to collect continuous feedback in today’s environment.

Don’t get left behind.

What is OpinionUP Pro?

OpinionUP is a real-time polling platform available on iOS, Android, and the web. Our easy-to-use application provides an interactive environment for organizations to get rapid feedback and for users to share their opinions on any topic.

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Results are almost instantaneous. Want to
know how your user base feels about a
breaking news release? Send out an
OpinionUP poll and get feedback in


Improve your feedback strategy by creating
private and public groups. These groups can be used to deeply analyze opinions on a
specific topic or as another way to segment
feedback from your user base.


Poll results can be analyzed by respondent
demographics. You can break down results by age, gender, zip code, ethnicity, political
affiliation or any category you want! View these results on an easy-to-use dashboard.



OpinionUP provides a platform that will strengthen your community. Users can discover new content and interact with other users in our Explore feature or within topic-based public groups.


OpinionUP also provides scalable options for getting feedback from segments of your user base. Send polls to any demographic field that you’ve collected. For example, want to know how a certain zip code feels about a breaking news release? Send a poll to just that zip code.

Did You Know?

The 7-Point Likert Scale has been proven to be the most reliable poll scale for gathering opinions. This scale is the foundation of OpinionUP polling. We want to make sure you’re getting the most accurate data to make informed decisions.

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